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Drew Hasselback: Britain, the lawyers of the world thank you
28-Jun-2016 9:12 PM
Brexit is manna from heaven for law firms that have clients with ties to Europe. No matter what the exit looks like, it's going to involve a drastic overhaul of laws, regulations, directives and treaties

Chrystia Freeland says Brexit vote boosts momentum for CETA ratification
28-Jun-2016 1:39 PM
The Brexit vote is spurring European Union leaders to ratify CETA, says Chrystia Freeland, Canada's international trade minister

Brexit leads U.K. lawyers to seek solace in Irish bar
28-Jun-2016 1:25 PM
U.K.’s lawyers are preparing for the Brexit by registering as Irish lawyers so they will be able to continue practising within the EU

Radha Curpen named managing partner of Bennett Jones’ Vancouver office and other legal moves and grooves for June 27
27-Jun-2016 7:19 PM
Radha Curpen named managing partner of Bennett Jones' Vancouver office and other legal moves and grooves for June 27

Brexit vote result bolsters case for CETA, trade lawyers say: ‘Quite optimistic about this’
27-Jun-2016 12:34 PM
Ratification of the deal would give the EU a way to tell the rest of the world that the continent is not mired in turmoil

Brexit won’t trigger Canadian corporate exits from Britain
24-Jun-2016 9:40 PM
Canadian companies with substantial assets in the U.K. said the "Leave" side's victory will not cause them to dump their investments in Great Britain

Toronto-Dominion Bank facing class action lawsuit over coin-counting machines in Canada
23-Jun-2016 8:45 PM
The lawsuit alleges TD rolled out coin-counting machines in Canadian branches in 2013 despite knowing there were problems with their accuracy in the U.S.

Paul Schabas elected treasurer of Ontario’s law society
23-Jun-2016 4:35 PM
Paul Schabas, a litigator with Blakes in Toronto, is the new treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada

Privilege to cover communications with patent and trademark agents
23-Jun-2016 4:22 PM
Starting Friday, clients communicating with their patent and trademark agents will enjoy the same degree of confidentiality as they do with their lawyers.

Halifax doctor wins $1.4 million jury award in defamation case
23-Jun-2016 1:08 PM
A Halifax jury has awarded $1.4 million to cardiologist Gabrielle Horne for damage done by the Nova Scotia Health Authority to her reputation and research career.

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