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Pedestrian-cyclist collisions give rise to injury claims
23-Sep-2014 8:02 PM
A pedestrian is more likely to be killed by lightening than an allegedly errant cyclist, yet lawsuits are following some notorious accidents

Nortel bankruptcy trial starts to wrap up in Toronto and Delaware
22-Sep-2014 11:02 PM
Competing groups of creditors at the Nortel bankruptcy trial are focusing on the legal interpretation of a 10-year-old agreement to determine how to divide billions of dollars in proceeds from the sale of Nortel’s patents and intellectual property

Drew Hasselback: Pinning down a legal definition of good faith
22-Sep-2014 1:38 PM
Is it legal to bluff when you're negotiating a contract?

Supreme Court of Canada says provincial consumer protection laws apply to banks
19-Sep-2014 2:00 PM
The Supreme Court of Canada says Quebec's consumer protection law applies to federally supervised financial institutions

Davies Ward partner Kevin Thomson joins Barrick Gold
16-Sep-2014 8:17 PM
Barrick Gold has hired Kevin Thomson, a deals adviser, as senior vice-president of strategic matters starting next month

Drew Hasselback: Where did that CSA proposal on takeovers come from?
16-Sep-2014 4:40 PM
You may have never heard of the Ad Hoc Senior Securities Practitioners Group, but these eight Bay Street lawyers may have changed the rules on takeover law

BP argues missing comma in insurance contract entitles company to US$750-million
16-Sep-2014 2:15 PM
BP is fighting a legal battle over whether a missing comma in an insurance contract entitles the company to recover US$750-million

Supreme Court of Canada to rule whether provincial consumer protection laws apply to banks
15-Sep-2014 4:18 PM
The Supreme Court of Canada releases Friday a trilogy of decisions on whether provincial consumer protection legislation applies to federally regulated financial institutions

Regulators in Quebec, rest of Canada break logjam on poison-pill reform
11-Sep-2014 4:34 PM
Under the new rules, takeover bids are to remain open for a minimum of 120 days, subject to the ability of the board of directors of the target company to -- in certain circumstances -- waive that to a period of no less than 35 days

Ontario government amends limitation period rules for statutory securities class actions
10-Sep-2014 1:54 PM
The Ontario government is filling the legislative gap on what it takes to meet the limitation period in a securities class action

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