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Shine fades on Scotiabank’s gold business as banks land in court over alleged price manipulation
27-May-2016 8:20 PM
Five banks, including the Bank of Nova Scotia, are accused of manipulating the gold market, which is worth trillions of dollars in trading value per year

Canadian class action claims Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder failed to warn of cancer risk
27-May-2016 8:15 PM
A Canadian class-action lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson over an alleged link between its baby powder products and ovarian cancer in women

Federal court decision decodes Canadian postal lingo
27-May-2016 6:49 PM
Delivery by “Registered Mail Service” and delivery by “Xpresspost” are the same thing — according to a 177-page federal court decision

U.S. federal judge sends review of Nortel bankruptcy case directly to U.S. Court of Appeals
26-May-2016 6:15 PM
Judge Leonard Stark says it would make more sense to send the Nortel case directly to the U.S. Court of Appeals, since it would probably wind up there anyway

A judicial ‘off-ramp’ for cases that fall apart
24-May-2016 7:33 PM
Counsel whose cases implode through no fault of their own should be allowed considerable latitude in negotiating settlements in class actions, according to Ontario’s Divisional Court

Innovation finally sprouts in Canada’s legal garden following a pessimistic February
24-May-2016 5:26 PM
Mitch Kowalski: So much has been happening in Canada’s legal innovation scene that we may be at the tipping point of change in Canadian legal service delivery

Competition Bureau to examine whether fintech sector should be regulated
19-May-2016 9:00 PM
Canada's growing fintech sector is getting big enough to attract the attention of the country's competition watchdog

Credit support agreements under microscope amid pressure to derisk
17-May-2016 8:31 PM
Heightened credit risk has lawyers rethinking how they draft credit support provisions

The paramountcy doctrine: Can cities really say no to pipelines?
17-May-2016 8:24 PM
Why Canadian law probably makes it impossible for municipalities to challenge or block gas and oil pipelines

Seismic data available to public, even when copyrighted, court says
17-May-2016 8:17 PM
Copyright can exist in seismic data, but the Canadian regulatory regime eventually allows the data to be disclosed to the public

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