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How busy have private equity and venture capital firms been in the first half of the year?
29-Jul-2015 8:07 PM
The numbers were released Wednesday by the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Association. Here's what they show

Why corporate social responsibility is now part of due diligence
29-Jul-2015 12:53 PM
Investigating a target company's CSR claims is now a standard part of transaction due diligence, lawyers say

Exploration option agreements need to be specific
29-Jul-2015 11:19 AM
Don't expect a court to read in a contract term that wasn't explicitly spelled out in an exploration option agreement

Two Calgary men convicted in elaborate Ponzi scheme sentenced to 12 years each
28-Jul-2015 7:39 PM
Gary Sorenson, 71, and Milowe Brost, 61, were found guilty of fraud and theft in February for an elaborate, multimillion-dollar scheme in which investors were promised unrealistic returns

Supreme Court of Canada to decide if ‘adviser penalties’ are penal or administrative
28-Jul-2015 5:18 PM
The Supreme Court of Canada's decision could have significant impact on the constitutionality of 'administrative monetary penalties'

Competition Bureau seeking public input on mergers in bid to ‘increase collaboration and openness’
24-Jul-2015 7:20 PM
The Competition Bureau wants to know what you think about proposed mergers, soliciting input from the public through an online form

Judge blocks proposed Canadian securities class action against Atlantic Power Corp.
24-Jul-2015 4:06 PM
In a rare legal move, an Ontario judge has ruled that a proposed securities class action lawsuit against Atlantic Power Corp. does not meet the test required for the case to seek relief made available under the province's Securities Act.

Legal Post league tables: Recession trims first half deal flow for Canadian law firms
22-Jul-2015 11:54 AM
Canadian lawyers advised on fewer financing deals in the first half of 2015 than they did in the same period a year ago

Two lawyers from Lavery, de Billy receive ‘Lawyer Emeritus’ honor and other legal moves and grooves this week
20-Jul-2015 3:21 PM
Daniel Bouchard and Patrick Molinari from Lavery, de Billy will receive 'Lawyer Emeritus' honor from the Barreau du Quebec and other legal moves and grooves this week

Supreme Court rebuffs Bell Mobility Inc challenge over charging for non-existent 911 service fees
16-Jul-2015 5:33 PM
More than 20,000 Bell Mobility Inc. wireless phone customers in the Northwest Territories are in line to recoup monthly fees they were charged for 911 emergency service they didn’t receive

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