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Former hospital clerk pleads guilty in case of maternity ward data sold to RESP dealers
01-Sep-2015 3:01 AM
Bandali, who no longer works at Rouge Valley Hospital, entered the plea in the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto and is to be sentenced Oct. 13

BLG lawyer takes one-year contract with World Bank
31-Aug-2015 2:52 PM
Paul Azeff will have different lawyers from BLG working on his appeal. BLG partner Tyler Hodgson, who represented Azeff at the hearing, has taken a year-long contract with the World Bank.

Jackson Hole symposium doubts power of central banks to steer inflation
31-Aug-2015 1:50 AM
At Jackson Hole, academics effectively delivered a beating to central banks’ confidence in their ability to predict and manage their key variable, by pointing out wide gaps in knowledge about how inflation works

Supreme Court of Canada to decide fate of US$9.5B pollution judgment against Chevron on Sept. 4
28-Aug-2015 3:21 PM
The Supreme Court of Canada will next Friday decide whether plaintiffs from Ecuador can seek to enforce a US$9.5-billion dollar pollution judgment against Chevron's assets in Canada.

Nestle accused of using fish harvested by slave labour in Fancy Feast cat food
28-Aug-2015 12:46 PM
The complaint against Nestle follows one last week accusing Costco of selling farmed shrimp from Thailand, where slave labour and human trafficking in the fishing industry are allegedly widespread

U.S. court reaffirms that SEC’s conflict mineral disclosure rule is unconstitutional
27-Aug-2015 12:00 PM
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has upheld its earlier ruling striking the disclosure requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s conflict minerals rule as unconstitutional

Mitchell Finkelstein to appeal OSC insider trading ruling
26-Aug-2015 8:22 PM
Former Bay Street lawyer Mitchell Finkelstein will appeal an Ontario Securities Commission ruling that he was instrumental in an insider trading ring

Which will come first: A decision in the FATCA legal challenge or the first exchange of info?
26-Aug-2015 10:55 AM
The first exchange of information under the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is scheduled to happen next month — unless a legal challenge of the domestic legislation enabling FATCA puts a stop to it

How new global tax rules could erode your financial privacy
26-Aug-2015 1:00 AM
Perhaps you've heard of FATCA and how it gets all up in your cross-border banking business. Something called CRS is coming that will extend that Canada-U.S. system and make it global.

Family of former Centerra Gold CEO fears he will be ‘kidnapped’ to Kyrgyzstan
25-Aug-2015 9:48 PM
The family of former Centerra Gold chief executive Len Homeniuk says he has been re-arrested in Bulgaria and fears he may have been spirited away to Kyrgyzstan

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