Milne Selkirk, Lawyers

Association of established lawyers practising in various legal categories and locations.

This firm was originally established over 50 years ago. Today we have professionals practicing in most of the main legal service areas including representation and trial work in the areas of family, injury and employment law, business advice and corporate law, estate probate and disputes plus will drafting and estate planning, and related work including purchase/sale of businesses and real estate. Members of Canadian Bar Association, BC Trial Lawyers Assosciation, and the Law Society of BC.

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Legal Services
Personal Injury Law
We have considerable experience in advising and representing injured clients in advancing their claims for compensation at all court levels and in negotiation and mediation.

Coulter, Lawrence
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5-21183-88th Avenue, Langley, BC V1M 2G5 (Walnut Grove) 400-555-6th Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 4Y4 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V1M2G5
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