Stephen Kaplan, P.C.

Representing business organizations and the individuals who operate them.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Representation The attorneys at Stephen Kaplan, P.C. provide knowledgeable and experienced representation to businesses and individuals throughout Dallas and North Texas in a variety of areas, including:Business Organizations; Business and Commercial Litigation; Labor and Employment Counseling and Litigation Estates, Trusts & Probate; Non-Profit Organizations; Real Estate Law; Mediation and Arbitration Contact us for quality legal representation. Stephen Kaplan, P.C. Attorney at Law 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 700 Dallas, Texas 75231 Phone: 214-346-6048 Fax: 214-346-6049

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Legal Services
Commercial Litigation
Represent clients in business and commercial disputes before courts, administartive agencies, and ADR providers.
Commercial Real Estate
Counsel clients with regard to the acquisition, leasing, financing and sale of commercial real estate and represent clients in courts and other forums in disputes regarding commercial real estate activities.
Contract Enforcement
Counsel and represent clients in contract formation and enforcement actions and disputes.
Corporate Law
Counsel clients and assist clients in choosing the best entity in which to do business taking into account liability and risk exposure, tax issues, and ease of management of the entity. Help clients comply with all legal requirements for the proper operation of their activities.
Estates Law
Counsel clients and represent clients in court regarding estate and trust planning, probate and trust disputes. Counsel clients on asset protection issues.
Insurance Law
Counsel business clients on the need for and acquisition of the appropriate insurance coverage and represent clients in coverage disputes with their insurance providers and agents.
Labour and Employment Law
Counsel and represent business clients in labor and employment disputes before courts, administrative agencies, ADR providers.

Kaplan, Stephen, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Represent clients and furnish counsel to clients on business entity formation, business transactions, business litigation, commercial dipsutes, commercial collection, labor and employment matters, and other business activities.
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7557 Rambler Road Suite 700, Dallas Texas 75231 International, International International X1X1X1
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