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Toronto Lawyers - Find a Real Estate, Family, Estate, Criminal or Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Do you need a family lawyer to help you with your divorce or separation?  Are you buying a new home and need a real estate lawyer to close the deal?  Have you had a life-changing experience and now need an estate lawyer to draft a will?


MyLawBid can save you time and money in your search for a lawyer by having lawyers compete for your business.  In three simple steps, you can find the lawyer in Toronto that best suits your legal and budgetary needs.  To begin, click on the button below and complete the short form: 


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Remember:  When completing your Request for Legal Proposal, be sure to include a reasonable price range so that you can receive as many responses as possible from lawyers.  For a discussion on lawyer fees and pricing, see "How much does a lawyer cost?".


MyLawBid is a lawyer referral service with hundreds of registered lawyers specializing in a number of areas of law.  Real estate lawyers can assist you with the selling and purchasing of your house, condominium or apartment while family lawyers can help enforce your rights to spousal support, child support and the custody of your children, to name a few examples, during a separation or divorce with your spouse.  There are also lawyers specializing in landlord tenant issues as well as criminal lawyers who can defend you against charges related to dui, drugs, assault and weapons, to name a few examples.


For more information about the issues that you may come across when looking for a lawyer, visit our blogs on the following topics:


Do I need a lawyer?

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Free Legal Information in Chinese


Toronto Legal Information

Toronto has a number of legal clinics and courthouses which may be able to assist you in better understanding your legal matters.


Legal Clinics in Toronto

There are a number of legal clinics located in Toronto which can assist you with your legal matter.  Some of the legal clinics deal with certain legal issues such as the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario while others assist a certain demographic in society such as Justice for Youth and Children and the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic.  


Toronto Courthouses - Criminal, Family, Civil and Small Claims Lawyers

There are 11 courthouses located in Toronto, some of which are multi-purpose and some of which only service one area of law. The Toronto courthouses are organized below by the areas of law that they service.


Criminal Law Courthouses in Toronto

The Toronto courthouses which hear criminal law matters can be found at the following addresses:

311 Jarvis St.
361 University Ave.
1911 Eglinton Ave East
444 Yonge St., College Park -2nd Fl.
1000 Finch Ave. West
2201 Finch Ave. West
60 Queen St. W. Old City Hall

At these locations, you may be able to speak with legal aid lawyers who may be able to determine if you are eligible for legal aid. You also find criminal lawyers from across Toronto at these courthouses who may be willing to assist you with you matters if you retain them.


Family Law Courthouses in Toronto

The Toronto courthouses which hear family law matters can be found at the following addresses:

311 Jarvis St. - Ontario Court of Justice

47 Sheppard Ave. East - Ontario Court of Justice
393 University Ave. -10th Fl. - Superior Court of Justice

In family law situations, you may need to go to either the Superior Court of Justice or the Ontario Court of Justice depending on your legal issues and the relief that you are seeking. A family lawyer will be able to better explain to you the differences as well as which courthouse in Toronto to go to.


Civil Law Courthouses in Toronto

The Toronto courthouses which hear civil matters can be found at the following addresses:

393 University Ave. -10th Fl.

330 University Ave.

Civil law matters may include contract disputes, debt collectons, construction disputes, personal injury matters, landlord tenant matters and product liability matters to name a few. A lawyer specializing in civil litigation from Toronto will be able to help you with your matter.


Small Claims Courthouses in Toronto

The Toronto courthouse which hears small claims matters can be found at 47 Sheppard Ave. East. Small claims matters are civil matters where the amount in dispute is $25,000 or less.


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